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We Are Magpie Hotels & Resorts

Magpie Hotels and Resorts have come this far since its inception and unboundedly happy and proud about the service that it has contributed already and the impression it has been able to make among people. Our journey was molded but not limited to humble beginnings to boundless hope and ambitions.

A consummate, with a dedicated team of expert employees, Magpie Hotels and Resorts set its mission to be the synonym for luxury and comfort among its clients, while showcasing a deeper culture of eco-friendly habits and well-being. Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, using organic food, recycling and reusable products and blending them with modernity are the standard parameter of our hospitality.

Magpie Hotels & Resorts
Diverse & Ecstatic
The Leader in Hospitality Industry

Magpie Hotels and Resorts dated back to its maiden foray with a significantly small size and fewer numbers of associates and employees.

The evidence of our successful journey is engraved in the fact that today Magpie Hotels and Resorts is a successful chain of Hotels in Sikkim with four properties - Magpie The Chestnut Retreat, Magpie Pachhu village resort, Magpie Libing Grand, and Magpie Mall Road Residency.

We offer premium-level facilities at the best price in the region. With lavishing rooms and astonishing views, delicious food, a parking lot, Wi-Fi, and many more amenities, we look forward to make our patron's travels memorable.


Discover Career Opportunities

Delve into the limitless possibilities of hospitality while polishing your skills and developing your career with us. This diverse work environment of luxury hospitality and international level client services will help our associates to add versatility to their professional portfolio.