Life at Magpie Hotels and Resorts

1. Growth: With a number of hotels across Pelling and Gangtok, Magpie Hotels and Resorts offers opportunities for aspiring and ambitious associates to choose their desired paths. Our training protocol focuses to help professional development as well as overall development.

2. Benefits: We offer exclusive benefits for our employees and associates. Families and Friends of our employees can enjoy services at affordable prices.

3. Mobility : Having more than one Hotel we identify ourselves as a group showcasing diverse cultures and exemplary service. Different hotels in different places boast about the food, language, and culture of their own surroundings. This exposure will help our associates to add versatility to their portfolios.

If you are looking for a fulfilling career in hospitality and have experience in the fields of F&B Department, Front Office Management, and Concierge services, kindly contact +91 93398 34479